About us:

Elene Cleaners



F15, Cardinal St, Morc Ilois,Debarcadere, Pointe aux Sables 11114

(Licensed and Registered Professional Cleaning Service. BRN : I08010093

Vat : 74859225)



Tea Lady

Our tea lady service teams have valuable working experience and are skilled enough to complete their cleaning and serving duties around your employees and clients without disrupting their respective work. 


Office Cleaning

Having a clean and well-maintained office and working environment will make a significant difference to any business owner’s brand and your business will have the perfect presentation in upholding the high standards of a professional office environment.


Washroom & Sanitary Services

For many buildings, toilets are highly essential areas for cleaning and maintenance due to their high traffic and usage. Frequent usage also leads to unsanitary conditions and lowly stocked toilets.With a regular toiletry supply and hygiene service, your building and its premises will uphold your business’ reputation and the general public’s perception of your brand. We will ensure that your building meets the highest sanitation standards.


Yard Cleaning

Grass- trimming, tree felling, bush cutting & yard clearing.


Deep Floor Cleaning / Stripping & Waxing

Professional stone care and restoration of marble, ceramic tiles and granite  .

-restore any damaged or dull and lifeless stone back to life with its original sheen and lustre.

 - Contact us for your stone or synthetic floor cleaning, polishing, repairing or restoration to enjoy a polished surface that looks brand new all over again